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Welcome to the Electrician Certification Online!

What is the Electrician Certification Online?

The Electrician Certification Online or ECO is the Colorado electrician source for online continuing competency training. The ECO is a complete training program. As member of the ECO you can get training easily and conveniently from any location for a very competitive fee. ECO BoxECO is the solution to staying current with your skills.

  • The ECO training program includes technical and practical applications which impact core competency areas identified by the Colorado State Electrical Board. It has been designed and built to improve, expand and enhance the quality of Colorado electrician's training and technical knowledge.
  • The training program has been developed with the latest Internet technology with the purpose of ensuring that the delivery of new and relevant professional skills and knowledge are delivered in a more efficient and regular fashion. The ECO provides the electricians a different approach to training. With the ECO program, the electricians, now can engage in training on a regular basis. This is made possible due to the new training delivery method created through this site.
  • The electrician profiles created as part of the membership to the site enhances the training experience as well as establishes a well defined way to acquire training and maintain records of their PDU goals and objectives.
    Competency Areas

Quality Videos Online - 24/7

Our program training videos have been professionally produced. The videos have been designed to comply with the following requirements:

  • presented by qualified and technically competent instructors
  • include the latest codes and technology
  • well organized
  • accessible online 24/7
  • pre-planning evidence

Board Audit Requirements

It is extremely important for electricians to track and document their PDU accruals in case they are audited by the Board.

The ECO PDU program/membership provides the licensees with the online platform to ensure that they retain and manage their PDU documentation for a minimum of 7 years. For details about what the information included in your PDU report visit the PDU Records details page.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started. Click here to get registered.

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ECO 30 day trial membership will be available to registered users.

Online Practice Tests

Practice test is one of the features ECO will provide to members. Click on the "Register" button to receive information about the release of this and other ECO feature services!

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